Disc Brake Kit - Suits All Morris Minor Models - Suits Datsun, Toyota & MM Wheels

Minor Magic


Disc Brake Kit - Prepared By Minor Magic. Our Kit Is An Excellent Upgrade For Your Braking System.  Kit Includes

  • New Front Wheel Bearing Kits Including Hub Seals
  • New Disc Pad Set
  • Reconditioned Front Calipers
  • Machined Front Hubs
  • Machined Front Rotors
  • Backing Plates
  • Brake Hoses
This Kit Is Toyota Based And Has Been Modified To Suit Our Morris Minors By Minor Magic. Please be Aware That This Kit Will Push The Track Of Your Morris Minor Out By Approximately 10mm Per Side. 
Our Disc Brake Kit Has P.C.D of 4 x 114.3mm Or In The Old Measurements 4 x 4 1/2". This Kit Will Not Allow The Fitting Of Standard Morris Minor Wheels Which Are 4 x 101.60mm or 4 x 4"