LED Headlamp Upgrade Kit - 12 Volt - Very Low Current Draw, Amazing Light Output. Please See Notes

Minor Magic


LED472K - LED Headlamp Upgrade Kit - Very Low Current Draw, Amazing Light Output. We Have Tested Many LED Globes. Most Of Them Were Completely Unsatisfactory. These Globes Are Amazing. They Occupy Less Space Behind The Globe Than A Standard H4 Globe. They Emit a Bright White 6000k Light Which Will Light Up The Road In Front Of You Better Than You Could Imagine. Street Signs Are Brighter Than Ever Before. Higher Light Output and They Use 1/4 of the Power That A Halogen Bulb Consumes. 

  • 12 Volt
  • Extremely Low Current Draw
  • Amazing Light Output
  • Will Not Dazzle Oncoming Drivers
  • They Last Forever, Typically For The Life Of The Car
  • Excellent Beam Pattern
  • Plugs Into Standard Sealed Beam / Halogen Socket
  • No Modification Required
  • Can Be Adapted To Fit BPF Wired Socket By Purchasing New Plug From Us
  • 12 Months Warranty

I Can't Think Of A Single Negative With These Globes. I Can Help With Halogen Inserts If You Have Sealed Beams Or BPF Type Headlights At The Moment.

These Globes Complete Our Range OF LED Bulbs. We Now Stock LED Globes For Every Position On A Morris Minor. Bring Your Lighting Up To Date With Our New LED Globe Range

Part No: LED472K